Online Technology for Research & Insight

Improve Data Quality

Collect better quality data from the mobile socially-minded generation.

Mobile Devices

Compatibility with all mobiles

Your respondents are increasingly on the move, but you can rest assured that all the questions, images and creative content in your surveys are automatically formatted to work with whichever device or browser the respondent is using – whether it's a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Who needs the headache of creating special versions of a survey for different devices? Plus, we track what devices are used to submit data and make these statistics available to you.

Social Media

Maximise exposure with social sharing

You have the option of making your surveys available for respondents to share via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email - if a respondent decides to share on a social network then a link to the survey will become visible in the timeline of their friends and followers. When you run your analysis you will see how many times your survey was shared and how many completes came from shares.


Enhance respondent engagement

Respondents quickly tire of seeing the same old tick boxes and rows of radio buttons. With our wide range of question types - including drag & drop rankings, sliders, reading & noting, image hotspots and more - you will keep your audience’s attention and ensure greater time and care is spent on your surveys. You can also incorporate multimedia content such as video and audio.

Brand Protection

Maintain your brand continuity and trust

Your surveys can be a seamless extension of your online brand presence, so respondents will feel comfortable taking part in a survey which matches your website. No Demographix branding is included in your surveys, even for the survey URL – we can apply friendly URLs such as All visual aspects can be customised including headers, logos, fonts, colours and text styles – and all can be re-used on future surveys at the click of a button.