Online Technology for Research & Insight

Customise to fit your needs

Do things your way with personalised guidance, advice and tech support.

Bespoke solutions

Bespoke solutions and custom builds

There may be times when you need something a little out of the ordinary. Unlike other survey systems where your choice is between using the standard features or going without, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the behind-the-scenes support to deliver the custom functionality you need. Our bespoke solutions can guide you out of the maze.

People Communicating

Speak to a real person (with expertise)

With Demographix, there's no scripts and no standard responses. Our telephone support is provided by real, thinking human beings. We have a UK-based team of experts in online research technologies and methodologies who are available with help and feedback every working day. We can offer advice on survey building, analysis, and best practice. We genuinely want to help!

Go global

Reaching a global audience of respondents

We are specialists in building surveys in multiple languages (we support over 40!) and combining the data gathered into a single-language version for ease of analysis. We’ll also create web pages that tie your surveys together – for example, a "landing page" where respondents can choose the language they want to respond in. We'll pull it all together at an extremely competitive cost.


Variety to enhance respondent engagement

Respondents quickly tire of seeing the same old tick boxes and rows of radio buttons. With our wide range of question types – including drag & drop rankings, sliders, reading & noting, image hotspots and more – you will keep your audience’s attention and ensure greater time and care is spent on your surveys. You can also incorporate multimedia content such as video and audio.

Up up and away

Save time by eliminating menial tasks

Some online survey systems don’t automatically upload survey responses, meaning users have to do this manually. Our response data collection is fully automated, and the results are available to see from the instant somebody submits the first response. In our panel management system, any bounces and unsubscribes generated when emails are sent out, are all automatically handled.