Online Technology for Research & Insight

Team productivity gets a boost

Raise productivity with online tools that let your team do more in less time.


A fast and easy-to-use interface

Building complex surveys is a doddle with Demographix. Simply point and click to add the features you want, where you want them. Choose from a wide range of question types (including sliders, card sorts and hotspot images) and audio/video inserts, which make surveys visually interesting and interactive. New team members will be up and running within hours!

Simple Routing

No coding or programming to learn

We believe there should be no complicated coding and programming for your team to master. No manual coding is required to set up conditional pages or questions, survey routing, answer piping or any of our wide range of tools. We make it simple for you to get the data you want and for respondents to have a rewarding survey experience.

Sharing Ideas

Collaborative scrapbook for sharing

Cut out the work time lost through repetition. We have collaborative features that mean you can make questions, answer lists, images, audio/video content and survey stylesheets available to re-use in future, or make them available to other members of your team using our collective scrapbook feature. You can even duplicate an entire survey with one click.


Instant analysis and report generation

Data analysis and statistics are available as soon as the first survey response is received. As with our survey building interface, there’s no manual coding required to analyse data. Simply point and click to choose the data you wish to report on, set up filters and cross-tabs with ease, and then generate your report. Setting up derived variables for segmentation takes just a few clicks.


Tools to help standardise your research

The important thing with teamwork is to make sure everyone’s working in unison – for example, using the same demographic answer lists and creating surveys with matching branding. Our toolsets allow you to get all of your team using the same valuesets so that data analytics are consistent, especially over time if you are doing longitudinal studies and trend analysis.