Online Technology for Research & Insight

Slash hidden costs from your budget

Deliver a better return-on-investment by cutting the "invisible" costs.


Online resource centre and helpdesk

All our users have access to a searchable library of FAQs and manuals, which include lots of "how to" information and best practice advice. In addition, our online Helpdesk system is available at all times, and we aim to respond to all helpdesk tickets within an hour or two. We don't want you to be frustrated, waiting days for someone eventually to get back to you!


Free on-line group training

For UK customers, we can come to your premises to deliver group training sessions for new and advanced users, in presentation or hands-on format according to your needs. For all our customers worldwide, we can also provide online training sessions. We offer free training for all our customers, whether on annual subscription packages or pay-as-you-go.


No investment in staff skills needed

Many software and survey tool providers have a "low level" approach requiring users to learn programming code, and this often requires extensive user training, a very serious hidden cost for managers. Demographix has been designed as a user-friendly interface which is simple to pick up, and requires no programming or coding – new users can be up and running in no time.


No impact on your IT infrastructure

Our system is fully hosted. Nothing needs to be installed on users’ PCs or on your servers, and you won't need to manage annual software upgrades. You don't need to manage the data collection in any way, and you can log-in to your account 24/7 from anywhere in the world! Best of all, with no software to install, you'll have fewer headaches dealing with your IT department.


Guaranteed data security on UK servers

We operate on dedicated UK-based servers in a highly secure environment, not in the cloud or data stored on machines overseas. Your valuable data is ultra-safe with us. Our password encryption is second to none, and avoids a potential weakness that hackers can exploit on other online survey systems. Our data centres are subject to regular external assessment and auditing.