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Deliver Better ROI

Improve ROI by cutting hidden costs and making research more profitable.

Web Monitor

No impact on your IT infrastructure

Our system is fully hosted. Nothing needs to be installed on users’ PCs or on your servers, and you won't need to manage annual software upgrades. Survey responses don’t need to be delivered to an email account. You don't need to manage the data collection in any way, and you can log-in to your account 24/7 from anywhere in the world! Best of all, with no software to install, you won’t have any headaches dealing with your IT department.


Save time by eliminating menial tasks

Some online survey systems don’t automatically upload survey responses, meaning users have to do this manually, which takes time and resources. Our response data collection is fully automated, and the results are available to see from the instant somebody submits the first response. In our panel management system, any bounces and unsubscribes generated when emails are sent out, are all automatically handled.


Slash your training budget

Many software and survey tool providers have a "low level" approach requiring users to learn programming code to get fundamental features. This approach often requires extensive user training, a very serious hidden cost for any manager. Demographix has been designed as a user-friendly interface which is simple to pick up, and requires no programming or coding – new users can be up and running in no time. Furthermore, we offer training sessions for your team, at your premises, for free.


Dedupe the work involved in survey creation

There’s no need to duplicate effort by recreating any aspect of a survey that is to be repeated – be it questions, answer lists, images, multimedia content or the whole design style of a survey. All these can be saved and re-used to remove duplication of effort. In aprticualr, research involving trend tracking often uses the same survey with minor changes repeatedly. Our survey duplication tools make this very simple to do.