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Specialists In Distributed Teamwork

We offer technical expertise and cost savings for distributed teamwork.

The Coronavirus challenge has made distributed teamwork from home a new "normal" for many organisations. You need to be able to get your team onto the system using just their browser on a computer or laptop at home. You need to be able to manage the system from home. And you need to be able to get new users trained up online and supported by a free online Helpdesk. We offer all this in an exremely cost effective way!

Increase Productivity

Boost your team's research productivity

Demographix helps you raise research productivity with online tools that let your team achieve more. Our fast intuitive interface can create huge gains in efficiency. If you are accustomed to online survey systems that require user coding or manual entry for standard research tasks we're likely to be a breath of fresh air. We have a rich toolset for collaboration, research standardisation, and longitudinal studies.  more...

Better ROI

Slash hidden costs of support, training and IT

There can be a lot more to online research costs than the price of the survey system itself. Hidden costs such as IT infrastructure, self-hosting, manual response uploading, cost-per-response pricing models and extensive user training regimes can all add up. Demographix helps you increase your overall return-on-investment by cutting the hidden costs and saving you time and money.  more...

Improve Quality

Platform compatibility and standards compliance

Collect better quality data from the mobile social media generation, and be standards compliant as well (especially on things like GDPR). Demographix tools are engineered for the mobile generation, so survey features work seamlessly across all desktop, tablet and smartphone platforms. The more you're able to deliver exciting surveys and engage with respondents, the better the quality of the data you'll get back.  more...


Customised solutions to fit your needs

Do things your way with personalised guidance, advice and tech support. At Demographix, we pride ourselves on our customer relationships and will always go the extra mile for you. If you'd like to do something a bit different, or would like to tailor our tools to fit with your own way of working, we can help. We love any technical challenge and have a truly global perspective.  more...