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Who's Who at Demographix

Get to know the heads behind the UK's leading online research technology.

Derek Cohen

Derek Cohen – Chief Executive Officer

Derek's research experience, technical expertise and programming skills are the bedrock on which Demographix technology has been developed. He leads all our research and development work, and is never happier than when solving difficult technological problems or helping develop custom solutions for customers. Derek has an MA in Philosophy and Economics from St Johns College Oxford, and is an associate member of the Market Research Society.

Bobby Pickering

Bobby Pickering – Director

Bobby has worked fulltime at Demographix since 2006. He's responsible for marketing, communications and on-site group training, as well as survey building and data analysis for key clients. Interests include developing survey techniques to maximise response rates, survey scripting best practice, data analysis techniques, and panel management. He has a Masters degree from Auckland University in New Zealand.

Paul Ockenden

Paul Ockenden – Director

Paul brings many years of experience in technical and marketing consultancy to the Demographix team. He has an extensive background in online marketing and web-based development projects, and provides top-level technical expertise and support. Paul's passionate interest in the mobile communications and portable marketplace helps keep our development work focussed on key technology trends in the modern world. Paul writes a regular column in PC Pro magazine.

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