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Respondents Privacy Policy


  1. This survey is made available by Demographix Limited. Our UK company registration number is 4358487. You may contact us by using our online Contact Form with the words "ENQUIRY FROM RESPONDENTS PRIVACY POLICY" in the "Nature of your enquiry?" field.
  2. We are committed to protecting your privacy and this statement summarises what personal details we may collect when you complete one of our surveys. Any changes to our privacy policy will be posted on this page.
  3. Demographix does not decide which questions are asked in a survey or how your answers are used. That is determined by the Demographix customer who is using our survey software.
  4. In the terms of the relevant Data Protection legislation, Demographix is the "Data Processor". Our customers are the "Data Controllers". This means that Demographix does not own the data you provide or have control over how it is used.


  1. When you respond to a survey, your answers are only transmitted to us when you click on the "Submit answers" button on the last page of the survey. If at any time before that you wish to prevent any information you have entered being transmitted to us and saved then you should close your browser.
  2. The answers you provide in a survey and their transmission to us are protected by an Extended Validation SSL Certificate which securely encrypts your data.
  3. Alongside the answers you provide in a survey, including any personal identification data (PID), we also collect details of the device and browser you are using and in most surveys your IP address. This information is used for security and data analysis purposes. It is not used to identify you as an individual.
  4. If a survey allows you to temporarily save your answers then they will be transmitted to us so you can retrieve them later and, if you wish, change them. These temporarily saved answers are not made available to our customers. Our customers only have access to your answers when you click on the "Submit answers" button.
  5. Demographix does not use cookies at all when you view or complete a survey.


  1. Under the General Data Protection Regulations, you have a right to know what personal information is held about you and to request that any answers you have supplied are anonymised and your personal identification data (such as an email address) redacted.
  2. If you wish to know what personally identifiable information Demographix holds about you from surveys you have completed you should initially make a GDPR request to the company whose surveys you have completed.
  3. If you are unsure which companies' surveys you have completed on Demographix, you should complete our Contact Form with the words "ATTENTION OF THE DATA PROTECTION OFFICER" in the "Nature of your enquiry?" field.
  4. If we find that we do hold personally identifiable data on you on behalf of our customers we will pass your request on to the relevant customers in control of that information. For privacy reasons we cannot reveal to you which customers hold data associated with a personal identifier such as an email address. Our customers are responsible for verifying that the request is genuine. However, we will inform you if we have passed your request on or if we do not hold any data on you.


  1. The Terms of this Statement and any matter relating to this Site will be governed by English law and the English courts shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction in respect of them.

This Respondents Privacy Policy was last reviewed and revised on 19 June 2019.