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NEW TECH: Demographix to launch new survey listing dashboard

Demographix will be launching a new survey management dashboard this summer. The enhanced interface follows our panel manager redesign, and offers easier management of all your surveys. FIND OUT MORE

PRODUCTIVITY House-keeping checklist for top-level managers

Get more from Demographix! Tips on keeping your account in order – by keeping logins, surveys and shared group assets all up-to-date, and standardising research across all your users. FIND OUT MORE

BEST PRACTICE: Design surveys as conversations with respondents

Thinking of your survey as a conversation with respondents will guide you when it comes to making decisions on the content, tone and structure of your survey. We tell you how. FIND OUT MORE

FREE BASIC TRAINING: New sessions scheduled for 2017

These free online sessions are available to Demographix users with active log-ins. Primarily aimed at new users, they are also suitable for those wanting a refresher. Register in advance using the link below.
Second Quarter dates for 2017: Thursday 4 May, 11am | Thursday 8 June, 11am | Thursday 13 July, 11am

CLICK HERE to register for a First Thursday Online Training session