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Panel Management Tools

Easy management of panel data for longitudinal and tracking research.

Panel Upload

Simple-to-use panel management

Creating a panel is simple with Demographix, though the ease-of-use does not mean a lack of feature-rich tools. If you already have contact data you only need to upload a spreadsheet which contains fields for first name, surname and email address.

Alternatively, you can create a recruitment survey to build a new panel from scratch, or you can build a panel by importing details collected in previous surveys. Once your panel has been created, you can review, add and remove members at any time.

Panel Select

Assign surveys and select sample

Once your survey is published, you can assign it to your panel with one click. You can then create an email that gets sent to all your panel, OR you can select a sample of the panel to partake in the survey based on their previous activity levels, participation in particular surveys, answers to specific questions or demographic information.

You can combine Conditions statements into Groups to create highly targeted lists, and save these selections if you wish to re-use them again in future.

Create Email

Easy email invite management

Emails are easy-peasy to manage in Demographix. You can write plain text or HTML emails, with placeholders for items such as respondent's name and survey URL, and schedule delivery times in advance of initial and reminder emails.

Intelligent response tracking means that reminders won't be sent to members who have already taken part in a survey, and any email bounces and unsubscribe requests will be automatically reflected in your panel data.

Panel Report

Panel reporting and statistics

Our panel statistics reports show survey invites and participation levels, and lets you see how successful your email campaigns are with completion, bounce and unsubscribe rates.

You can also build custom reports, which incorporate panel statistics combined with questions from multiple surveys for tracking & longitudinal research reporting.