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Online Surveys

Fast easy to use interface to build interactive online surveys.

User Interface

Clean intuitive design interface

Our point-and-click interface makes it simple to build well-structured highly functional surveys. Add pages and questions with a single click, select question types and add your own wording, then drag and drop to put them in the order you want.

It's as simple as that. No coding or programming is required even for more advanced survey functions such as conditionality, routing and answer piping. So you won't have any hidden training costs.

Interactive Question Types

Engage with your respondents

We help you keep interest and response levels high. A wide range of interactive question types are available - including sliders, drag-and-drop rankings, image hotspots, reading-and-noting functions and more! They're all available as standard.

Plus, you can increase the reach of your survey through the use of social media sharing, QR codes, email links or friendly URLs. If you want your surveys to "go viral", our tools can help.

Multimedia on Mobile

Surveys that work on all devices

You don't need to have additional versions of your survey for mobile devices, even if they include multimedia elements such as video or audio content. Sliders and drag-and-drop questions work on tablet and iPads as well.

Multimedia files can be uploaded to your Demographix account where they will be automatically converted to all formats required for compatibility with all desktop and mobile platforms.

Custom Branding

Research with your brand values

With Demographix you can ensure a consistent online experience for your audience by customising the look and feel of your surveys to match your existing website or branding. We don't put our brand in YOUR surveys!

You can add images, change the size and font of text elements, pick a colour palette to match your existing scheme, or lift colours directly from images. All these can be re-used for future surveys, by applying a style sheet with a single click.


Instant statistics on demand

From the moment you start getting responses to your survey, you will be able to see real-time statistical information. We call this "metadata".

You can see where your respondents are, what devices they're using to complete your survey, compare responses by source (eg email invitation, web link, social media share etc) daily and hourly response rates, and check drop-out rates.

See for Yourself

Take a look at some example surveys which showcase some of the above features, so you can get an idea of how Demographix could work for you.

View Example Surveys