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Analysis Tools

Powerful analysis, crosstab and reporting functions included as standard.


Flexible analysis toolset

Our easy-to-use analysis toolset allows you to do such things as configure weighted averages, ascribe numerical values to answers (as shown), and select key words or phrases for text analysis. These can be set up and changed at any time - when you build your survey, or when you're doing your analysis.

Responses to individual questions can be viewed in the given survey order or as (highest-first or lowest-first) numerical order, on a nett or gross basis.


Easily configure filters/crosstabs

Demographix has a simple point-and-click interface for setting data filters and building crosstab reports. Choose multiple questions and answers to filter on, and set the ANY/ALL logic by ticking boxes, to filter the data to your requirements for a report.

Crosstabs can be set up with multiple question headers, and combined with filters to give you powerful analytical reports. Our Helpdesk will help with special custom reports if required.

Derived Variables

Derived variables made simple

You can combine answers to multiple questions to define groups for classifying respondents. This allows you to easily identify particular demographic groups, for instance male respondents over 50, or females under 40 living in London.

Once defined, these derived variables sit alongside the regular question data and behave as any other question for analysis and reporting purposes. There is no limit on the number of derived variables you can create.


Apply weighting tables

Demographix makes it easy to apply weighting to your data. Simply specify which question(s) you wish to weight on, then define your weighting table or import an existing one. The weighted analysis can be deployed with one click for side-by-side comparison with the unweighted data.

As we place no limits or charges on the number of survey responses collected, you no longer need to risk missing valuable information by applying quotas and turning respondents away. Weighting allows you to balance survey data without losing anything.


Wide range of output methods

You can view aggregated or individual responses in a format that suits you. Reports can be published in PDF or Excel format, and raw data can be downloaded as Excel, tab-delimited or as SPSS files.

Choose which questions you want to see results for, and whether you wish to see responses from all respondents, a specified filter, or a random selection. Then one click to download your report.

See for Yourself

Take a look at some example reports which demonstrate some of the above analysis techniques, so you can get an idea of how Demographix could work for you.

View Some Sample Reports