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Example Surveys

We demonstrate different features of the Demographix system in action.

Interactive survey

Interactive features

This survey showcases some of the many interactive question types included with the Demographix interface. Interactivity allows you to increase engagement with your respondents and keep attention levels high.

Includes: sliders, drag-and-drop ranking, image hotspots, reading-and-noting, social media sharing.

Audiovisual survey

Audio-visual content

In this example, we include some video and audio files that automatically display in the correct format on all desktop and mobile browsers and devices. Give it a try! View this survey in different browsers and on your mobile. Audio-visual content lets your respondents focus on what you want them to answer questions about.

Includes: video, audio, different ways to use and interact with images.

Conditionality and routing

Routing and conditionality

This survey shows how you can use advanced survey functions to create a tailored journey through a survey for respondents depending on the answers they give - all with no coding or programming required! Effective routing also improves response rates by ensuring respondents see only the questions that are relevant to them.

Includes: control questions, derived answer lists, text piping, conditional items, complex conditionality.

Branded survey

Custom branding

This survey gives some examples of how the look and feel of a survey can easily be changed to match your existing branding in order to give your audience a consistent brand experience. But don't go overboard! Remember the object of the exercise is to collect unambiguous data.

Includes: customisable headings, page backgrounds, header images, text fonts, colour pallettes.

Our Survey Tools

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