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Example Reports

The key analysis and reporting tools available as standard in Demographix.

Analysis Tools

Analysis of responses

This example uses data from a demonstration "best practice" customer satisfaction survey. It gives an overview of the basic information that can be seen in standard analysis of responses reports.

Information includes data from matrix, slider, write-in and ranking questions, with examples of ascribing numeric values to answers and how this can be used for advanced research techniques such as Net Promoter scores.

Data Filters

Data Filters

Our point-and-click interface allows for easy data filtering across multiple questions with easy 'and/or' logic to drill down to the data you need.

This report takes data from the same demonstration survey and applies a multi-question filter to show how filter conditions appear at the head of the analysis interface, and how they affect reports and output.


Crosstab Analysis

Single or multi-column crosstabs are available in Demographix. Multi-column reports are available in spreadsheet form, and single-column reports are additionally available as PDFs.

This example uses the same data as the above examples, and output is given in two formats: a PDF with a crosstab by gender, and a spreadsheet with crosstab columns for gender and age.

Our Analysis Tools

More information on the range of analysis and reporting features available with Demographix

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