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Example Data Filters

Filters can be set, updated and removed at any time.

Filters can be set on one or more questions in order to drill down to the data you want to see.

From the analysis interface you simply click on the 'Filters' tab, select a question and highlight the answer(s) you wish to filter on. At that stage it's possible to click 'add another filter question' and repeat the above step, choosing whether the respondent must have satisfied ANY or ALL of the control questions to be included in the filtered results.

In this example we have used the same example best practice survey and data that are used in our example Analysis Report, however we have filtered the results so that respondents are only included if they include ALL the following conditions:

  • Male
  • Under 45 years of age

Active filter conditions will be displayed in bronze-coloured text at the top of the analysis interface and also on any downloads created with the filter in place, as with the following report.