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Example Crosstab Analysis

Use Demographix to create crosstab reports quickly and easily.

As with our standard analysis reports, crosstab reports can be generated at any time as soon as you start collecting responses to your survey. However it is good practice to wait until a reasonable number of responses have been collected in order for the report to display meaningful and useful analysis.

You can choose to create a crosstab using single or multiple header columns. If using a single header column you can view the report in HTML, PDF or Excel format. If using multiple header columns the output will be too wide to display well in browsers or PDF documents so the repot will be available in Excel format only.

Below we have examples in each format:

  • A PDF report with a single crosstab column (gender)
  • An Excel report with two crosstab columns (gender and age)

Excel files have separate tabs to show data in nett percentage, gross percentage and numerical sample size formats, as well as a tab showing all three in combination.