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Example Analysis Report

Analysis reports can be downloaded in PDF or Excel at any time after the first survey response is collected.

This example uses data from a demonstration 'best practice' survey. The report flags how the data is calculated and shown for each question in the report – for example, whether the percentages are gross (based on total sample) or nett (based on who answered this question).

The following scoring methods are used:

  • Likert type questions are scored on a five-point scale (e.g. Excellent=5, Very good=4 ... Very poor=1) showing average values.
  • Mixing Desk questions (e.g. in this example the question on liking/hating different foods) have scores ranging from +5 to -5.
  • The Net Promoter question assigns values of +100 to brands scored 9 or 10 out of 10, while -100 is assigned to those scored 6 or under.
  • The Ranking question assigns scores based on the frequency of each item being ranked 1st, 2nd or 3rd. The highest ranked item is scored 100, with other items given a proportional score out of 100.
  • Text-entry questions show a tally of the appearance of key words or phrases which can be defined on a question-by-question basis by users.

All numerical scores and key words/phrases can be set or changed at any time, when building the survey or when undertaking analysis.