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Example Custom Reports

Examples of the custom reports and services our staff can prepare for you.

Analysis Tools

Custom reporting

If you don't have time to analyse the data of a key survey, we can do it for you and produce a branded report with headline figures and findings clearly laid out. The methodology will be explained in detail and an Executive Summary of key findings given.

We will chart the most relevant findings and summarise in handy bullet points, drawing out the main themes and conclusions. Appropriate charts and key data will be well-structured and points made in an unambiguous way.

Analysis Tools

Charting services

Apart from the standard reports our system produces, we also offer a charting service from our Managed Services team. You will receive charts of your results in PowerPoint for immediate use as a presentation. Our service is extremely flexible and we will tailor the output entirely to your needs.

We can use your templates, logos and so on to create great-looking content that reflects your brand values. We can also run crosstabs or filters and chart up data from these where relevant.

Analysis Tools

Infographic design

Creating an infographic is a powerful way to convey the key findings of your survey data in a concise and compelling format and be sure to grab the attention of your audience. You may have in mind key clients or colleagues for whom your findings will provide a compelling narrative.

We can create an infographic using a bespoke creation tool. All you need to do is tell us which survey findings you wish to highlight and we will come up with a suitable design.

A Wide Variety of Analysis Tools and Custom Services

More information on standard analysis and reporting features, as well as custom services available

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