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Example Charting Report

You will receive charts of your survey's results in PowerPoint.

Our custom charting service is extremely flexible and we'll tailor the output entirely to your needs. We can use your templates, logos and layouts. You'll receive a presentation of your results that's "boardroom-ready" to go.

Our example below is a PDF of a PowerPoint presentation put together from a retailer customer satisfaction survey. The slides in the presentation (which have been anonymised) take data from various question types in the survey for the bar and pie charts. The write-in responses provide the verbatim data in the quotation graphics.

The survey asks about the importance ratings and satisfaction levels of various factors and from this it is possible to create a Gap Analysis. This lets the retailer see where there is room for improvement.

Another key question, which is a feature of many satisfaction surveys, is asking customers how likely they are to recommend this retailer to friends. From this a Net Promoter Score (NPS) can be calculated. This provides a useful benchmark for the retailer to compare itself with competitors and also to see how this score changes over time.