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Example Charting Report

You will receive charts of your survey's results in PowerPoint.

Our custom charting service is extremely flexible and we'll tailor the output entirely to your needs. We can use your templates, logos and layouts. You'll receive a presentation of your results that's "boardroom-ready" to go.

Our example below is a PDF of a PowerPoint presentation put together from a survey of women's fashion buying behaviour. The basic demographic questions were given at the end of the survey, but give us the essential data for interpreting all the results that follow. So these come at the front of the report to give context.

The slides in the presentation take data from various question types in the survey for the bar and pie charts. The write-in responses provide the verbatim data in the quotation graphics.

In particular, also note the word cloud map we have created in the form of a fashionable high-heel, to give an overall impression of the important themes of the verbatims, and the principal purchase criteria data obtained from an importance-ranking question.