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FAQs: Survey management

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Survey management basics

SMB01 How do I create a new survey?

There is a CREATE NEW SURVEY link at top right of the workspace for all Account Holder, Full User and Creator log-ins. Click on this and enter the name of the new survey (be careful about what words you use, as they will appear as the browser window name, which your respondents will see). Additionally, you can add an internal reference field (a code name or ID, for example). The category field is optional. Then click the CREATE NEW SURVEY button at bottom right and the survey will be created and opened ready for you to begin editing it.

SMB02 Why do I not have a button to create a new survey?

If you have a Colleague or Client log-in, you cannot create your own new survey. If you are a Colleague, you need to ask your manager to create the survey for you and give you access permissions. Clients cannot edit surveys, only access certain limited data views.

SMB03 How do I use an existing survey as the basis of a new survey?

The options available for all surveys include a Duplicate option under the Survey Actions. This allows you to create a duplicate copy of an existing survey, in order to rename it and re-edit it. Click this option and a pop-up will allow you to give a new name for the duplicate copy, an internal reference, and optionally choose a category. Then click the DUPLICATE SURVEY button below, and the new survey will open up ready for editing.
NOTE: The ability to easily duplicate surveys allows users to create series of surveys that can track trends over time. Surveys can be kept open for specified timescales, and then duplicated for other specified periods. Data can then be compared between periods with ease.

SMB04 I have been given access to a survey but can't see it anywhere in my list of surveys. Where is it?

If you have been given permission to access a survey (whether to edit it or access data analysis tools) and it does not appear on the RECENTLY ACCESSED tab on the Survey Dashboard, then you will need to click on the other survey status tabs (such as IN PRODUCTION or LIVE SURVEYS) to locate it. Alternatively, use the FILTER SURVEYS link at top right of the workspace search function above the surveys listings to search on a word in the name of the survey. This will filter the lists of surveys down.
NOTE: When you have finished, don't forget to use the CLEAR FILTER link to return to the full survey listing.

SMB05 How do I categorise surveys?

You can categorise a survey at the point of creation or by clicking on the Survey Properties icon. On the Details tab of the Survey Properties, the third option down is headed Categories, and will list any existing categories the survey is currently applied to. Click the MANAGE CATEGORIES link to change this list: add the survey to other categories by clicking on the category to make a green tick appear (you can do this for multiple categories) and then click the SAVE CATEGORIES button.

Survey status management

SSM01 What are the basic status levels of a survey?

A survey can have the following statuses:
IN PRODUCTION (Orange colour code): You can make any change to the survey and preview it (using the Update Pages or Preview buttons). You can test and submit responses, but no data is recorded.
LIVE (Green colour code): Once a survey has been published (or "made live" as we call it) you cannot make major changes, in particular to the answer lists. New data analysis tools appear for surveys that have had at least one response.
CLOSED (Black colour code): No more data can be taken when the survey is closed to responses, unless you choose to reopen it to responses. A full analysis toolset is available, listed in the Available Actions menu.
ARCHIVED (Grey colour code): If you do not want to delete a survey and its data, you can choose to archive it for later reference. Archived surveys should be assessed on a regular basis to avoid keeping out-of-date data.

SSM02 How do I publish a survey?

In Edit mode, with the survey open, the Publish button appears at top-right of the workspace. Click this and the survey will go through the publishing process, as detailed in the pop-up and will notify if any errors, such as faulty conditions, have been found. You can also change the status at the top left where the survey's current status (such as "IN PRODUCTION") is shown.
BEST PRACTICE: We strongly advise you to TEST your survey thoroughly by submitting some test responses and checking the analysis. If you do this, don't forget to UNPUBLISH the survey to remove test responses and PUBLISH it again, before circulating the URL to receive actual data.

SSM03 Why do I have no Publish option for my survey?

This is because you have a Colleague log-in, and do not automatically have the right to publish surveys. You need to ask the person who created the survey and gave you access to edit it, to publish it for you. If you need to be able to publish your own surveys, ask the Account Holder to upgrade your log-in to a higher level (Creator or Full User). To see a chart of the difference between log-ins, click here: Permissions Table for Log-Ins.

SSM04 I have put some test responses into my published survey. How do I delete these?

If you have less than 25 responses, you can Unpublish a survey and delete the test data yourself. Click on the LIVE survey status bar at top left of the workspace, choose "Unpublish Survey", and confirm. An alert will tell you how many responses the survey has (the test data) and asks if you wish to Unpublish and lose these responses. Click Yes. The survey will then be returned to In Production status.
MORE THAN 25 RESPONSES? Then submit a Heldpesk ticket specifying the survey name and authorising us to unpublish it and delete the responses.

SSM05 How do I close my survey to new responses?

Either go to the Details tab of Survey Properties and select from the "Change Status" drop-down menu, or click on the Live survey status bar at the top left of the workspace. Select the "Close to responses" option, and confirm. An alert will tell you that the survey file will be updated to reflect this change. The survey will now be listed under Closed surveys, and be colour-coded in black.

SSM06 I have closed my survey but want to open it again. Can I do this?

Yes. Click on the "Closed to Responses" survey status bar at the top left of the workspace and select the "Open to responses" option. You can also do this in the Details tab of the Survey Properties (select from the "Change Status" drop-down menu). An alert will tell you that the survey file will be updated to reflect this change. The survey will now be listed under Live surveys again, and be colour-coded in green to indicate this.

SSM07 How do I archive my survey?

If your survey is Live, close it to responses first, so that the data will be intact. The survey will be colour-coded in black on the survey lists to reflect it is closed. Now you can archive it. To archive the survey click on the "Closed to Responses" survey status bar at top left of the workspace, or go to the Details tab within Survey Properties and select from the "Change Status" drop-down menu. An alert will tell you that the survey file will be updated to reflect this change. The survey will now be listed under Archive, and be colour-coded in grey to indicate this.

Survey deletion procedures

SDP01 How do I delete a survey?

Only Account Holder, Full User and Creator logins can delete surveys. Click on Survey Properties and go to the Details tab. Select the "Delete survey" option in the drop-down menu for Change Status. A confirmation alert will ask you whether you want to delete the survey and any data attached to it? Click Yes to confirm this. If you have a colleague log-in, you can't delete surveys but can still follow the same procedure as above and select the "Flag for deletion" option. Account Holders, Full users or Creators can then delete the survey for you. NOTE: Surveys with more than 25 responses may not have the deletion option. Contact the Helpdesk in this case.

SDP02 Why am I not given an option to delete my survey on the Change Status menu?

Your survey has received more than 25 responses, and as a security measure we put a lock on the deletion option. Contact the Helpdesk and state which survey you want to delete in your ticket.

SDP03 I have deleted a survey and its data by mistake. What can I do?

Contact the Helpdesk immediately by phone or Helpdesk ticket to see if we can help you retrieve data.

SDP04 I want to ensure that all sensitive and personal data in my survey is deleted. What should I do?

Once you have closed your survey to responses, you will find there is a Redact personal data button under the Data Actions in the survey's Available Actions pop-up. This will allow you to redact (overwrite and permanently delete) all the write-ins or date-picker questions that have been labelled as PID (personal identification data). This action is irretrievable.

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