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Survey building problem solver

BPS01 Is there a way to insert a page at the start of the survey I am building?

Once you've started building your survey, you may want to add a page at the start of the survey. Simply add a piece of text at the end of the first page using the add question/item icon – it could be placeholder text like "First page welcome text" – and click SAVE. Now, click on the name of the page to access the Page Actions menu icon, and choose "Re-order Questions on Page". This allows you to drag and drop all the items on the page into a new order. Move the placeholder text item to the top, and SAVE. Then click on the question/item after the placeholder text, and under the Question Actions menu, choose "Insert page break before Question". This creates a page break after the placeholder text, which is now on the opening page of the survey. Click the UPDATE PAGES button and PREVIEW, so you can check the result in the survey proper.

BPS02 I want to insert a page in the middle of my survey. How do I do this?

Once you've started building your survey, you may want to add a page in the middle. There are two ways to do this:
1. Add your page and questions at the end of the survey, then use the Page reordering tool available under the Page Actions menu of any page in the survey. You can then drag and drop the page titles to re-order the pages, then SAVE and then the UPDATE PAGES button immediately so that the new page order is established.
2. Alternatively, open the page immediately before where you want to insert your page. Add a question on the end of it and SAVE. Then click on the Question Actions menu to choose the "Insert page break before Question" option. Youwill then be asked to give a title for your new page. Click the UPDATE PAGES button immediately so that the new page order is established.

BPS03 How do I hide the Previous button to stop respondents going back and changing their answers?

You can do this for every page in the survey (Survey Properties, Controls tab, Navigation section: tick "Hide previous button" and SAVE CHANGES). Alternatively, you can hide the button for a single page (Page properties, Details tab: tick "Do not display Previous button on this page" and SAVE CHANGES).

BPS04 How do I add a hyperlink or URL link into some text or question within a survey?

We strongly advise that putting a link to other websites or documents within surveys is a bad idea, because it takes respondents away from the survey and they may not return to complete it. However, if it is absolutely necessary, simply type in the URL with two square brackets at beginning and end. Thus: Click here to read more: [[]]. Demographix technology will translate this into a link that opens in a new window or tab outside the survey. Let's hope they come back and complete the survey!

BPS05 How do I get a basic file with just the words of the questions and answers in it?

When editing a survey, at the top of the workspace, is a printer icon that lets you print a copy or save a PDF. However, we can supply an Excel file with just the text of the questions and answers in a survey, if the Printer Friendly version is not suitable (it is easier to copy and paste the text from an Excel file rather than PDF). Please raise a Helpdesk ticket with a request for an Excel version. We can also supply Paper Code Books if you need these for agencies who are adding the data from paper versions of surveys.

BPS06 What options are there for changing the screen width of a survey?

Demographix surveys have a standard survey width of 700 pixels, but this can be changed to 1000 pixels or to the browser width. You make this change in the Survey Properties, in the Advanced section of the Control tab. However, we generally recommend that you stick with 700px – it's the best standard size for most devices and screen resolutions. You may wish to change to 1000px or wider if you have, for example, matrix or slider questions with lots of x-axis (horizontal) columns or values, or a question with a set of images in it that will display better in a wider survey. "Browser width" means the survey will be as wide as each respondent's browser and so dependent not just on how wide their screen is, but also on how wide they use their browser (which may not be full-screen).

Survey deployment problem solver

DPS01 Why are my respondents not being redirected to my specified URL after they have submitted?

This is happening because the survey is being displayed in a pop-up window that is automatically closing down after the survey is submitted. To keep the pop-up open after submission, you need to do the following: edit the survey, and click on the Survey Properties icon . Under the Post-Submit tab, tick the box labelled "Show Destination URL even when survey is in pop-up" in the "Destination after survey completed" section. Then press the SAVE CHANGES button below, and remember to UPDATE PAGES if the survey is already published.

DPS02 Can a respondent pass the survey's details on to their colleagues or friends by email?

You can enable an option that lets respondents enter details of up to three friends or colleagues to invite by email to complete the survey. These friends receive an email sent by Demographix on behalf of the respondent with a personal message from them if one is added. The survey URL in the email is tagged so that you can track the number of emails sent and how many of the recipients completed the survey. It is also possible to filter by this source of responses. Note, however, that Demographix does not make available the friends' email addresses to its customers. Instead, you should include data capture details in your survey. To enable this option at the end of your survey, click on the Survey Properties icon , and under the Post-Submit tab you'll find a Social Sharing section. Under "Invite respondents to share this survey on the following social networks or by email after they have completed the survey", tick the Email box. A PREVIEW link then appears, which allows you to see what respondents will get.

DPS03 Can a respondent pass the survey's details on to others via social media?

Survey builders can enable an option that lets respondents share a link to the survey via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Linked-in. The survey URL in the message is tagged so that you can track how many new respondents come through different social channels. It is also possible to filter by this source of responses. You should also remember to include data capture details in your survey. To enable the social media option at the end of your survey, click on the Survey Properties icon , and under the Post-Submit tab you'll find a Social Sharing section. Under "Invite respondents to share this survey on the following social networks or by email after they have completed the survey", tick whichever social media options you want to include. A PREVIEW link then appears, which allows you to see what respondents will get.

DPS04 What happens when I set the survey language? Does it translate the whole survey?

English is the default language for the elements of a survey that the respondent sees, but you can also choose from 40+ other languages! Selecting a language in the Survey properties / Control tab will alter the language set used for navigational elements (Next page, Previous, etc), alerts and special instructions within a survey. Note that setting the survey language does not involve translation of the content of the survey itself – you will need to have that translated yourself. You should use professional translation services or online tools like Google Translate. The elements that will be translated include special instructions for certain types of questions – for example, an unanswered compulsory question flashes an ANSWER REQUIRED alert. Other translated elements include progress statements ("Survey X% complete", or "Page x of X") and the alert that indicates a limit has been reached on the number of possible answers that can be selected for a multiple-choice question.

DPS05 Can I host a Demographix survey in an iFrame on our site?

A standard Demographix survey will work fine in an iFrame, without any need for modification. But you need to be aware of a few things:
1. Set the survey width (in Survey Properties, Controls tab, Advanced options) to be "Browser width" so that the full width of the iFrame is used.
2. If your iFrame is narrow the survey will automatically reconfigure things such as Matrix questions in the same way it would on a mobile device.
3. To avoid scrolling within the iFrame, break your survey up into pages with only one or two questions on each page.
4. Be aware that if you have conditional questions on a page then the depth of the survey will grow if the conditional questions become visible, possibly triggering scroll bars on the iFrame. Consider putting these on a conditional page instead.
5. If you are redirecting your respondents to another page after they have submitted their responses then this will appear within the iFrame. If you want the follow-on web page to appear in the main browser window let us know through the Helpdesk and we can add a flag to the survey so that this is what happens.

Survey analysis problem solver

APS01 How do I calculate a Net Promoter Score from my overall brand recommendation question?

Net Promoter Scores are a common questioning technique that is easy for respondents to answer, but which can provide a highly revealing metric. Ask them to say whether they'd recommend you (say, on a scale of 0 to 10 where 0=Never and 10=Always). By assigning values to their answers (give 10s and 9 a score of +100, ignore 8s and 7s by using a score of 0, and give 6s and under a score of -100) you can determine an overall net metric of how a brand is doing. Use the standard average value assignment tool in the Analysis of Responses to get the net score. Overall scores will range from the two extreme cases: +100, where every respondent is a passionate advocate, to -100, where everyone is a passionate detractor.

APS02 How do I create a gap analysis from my importance and fulfilment question scores?

Gap analysis is a commonly used consumer satisfaction questioning technique. First, you ask how important certain aspects of your business are to respondents, then you separately ask how well you're doing in satisfying those same criteria. In traditional market research using paper surveys, these questions are often asked side-by-side. But in online surveys it is best to ask these two sets of questions consecutively. Once your data has been gathered, values can be assigned to how well you're doing in delivery and expectations, and the gap between those values can be given a metric. Use the Average assignment values box and then subtract the fulfilment values from the importance value to get an overall gap analysis metric.

APS03 How do I reformat write-in data that has blocks of text with \r characters in it?

If you are downloading write-in questions (also called free-text or verbatims) into Excel files, or downloading raw data as single-cell Excels, you may get lots of \r strings between each part of the response. The whole response displays as a mass of words and can be difficult to analyse. But it's easily enough solved. The \r doesn't separate different responses. It's where someone has put a line break in their answer and it's replaced with \r so as not to upset Excel. If you want to reformat, simply do a global "Search and Replace", replacing the \r with Control+Shift+J (or the equivalent keyboard input for a line break on a Mac). This will replace each \r with a line break throughout the file.

APS04 I am building a survey to gather votes. What can I put into it to monitor multiple voting?

The best way to identify and deal with multiple-entry cheating in voting surveys is to use a $$ (hidden) drop-down country question using the built-in list *{Autoanswer Country list from IP address} as the answers and a short code of "autoanswer_country". This will add the country of each respondent to their answers, but won't be visible to them. In the analysis, look for multiple responses from countries you don't expect. You can filter on the answers to this question to see if these people all voted the same way for a specific category. If you discover there has been multiple voting (especially if bots have been used) and you need assistance to delete data, please contact the Helpdesk.

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