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FAQs: 2018 User interface transition FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the major changes to the User Interface we have introduced. Click on any question to see the answer.

User interface transition

UIT01 When I log in, the edit and analysis tools are not shown beneath the survey names. Where are they?

Click on the name of any survey and a menu will pop-up showing the Available Actions. Those shown will vary, depending on the status of the survey – if it is "In Production" there will be survey actions only; if it is "Published" and has collected data, then the data analysis toolset will also be available.

UIT02 When I start editing my survey, there's a little orange bar with icons. What do they mean?

The orange bar above the workspace is the Survey Toolbar. Hover over the icons to get tooltips on their functions. The Folder open/closed icons / allow you to show/hide the content of pages; the Up/down arrows icon allows you to re-order the pages in your survey. On the right, the Permissions icon allows you to give permissions to other users for this survey; the Printer icon allows PDF and print copies of the survey to be generated; the Palette icon gives access to the Appearance toolset; the Circular cog icon will show the Survey Properties in the properties area. If responses have been collected for this survey, then a series of data analysis icons will also be shown in the centre of this toolbar.

UIT03 What is different about the Survey Properties in the new user interface?

We've updated the tabs in the Survey Properties to group the controls more clearly. The Details tab is where access, appearance and classification is now controlled. The Controls tab gives advanced navigation and overall survey property controls. The Post-Submit tab is what happens after the survey is submitted (redirects, social sharing) or has been closed to responses. And there's a Summary tab with survey data, a permissions section, and response data and analysis tool icons when data is available.

UIT04 When editing a survey, what do the two orange icons at the bottom of each page do?

The Plus icon and the Book icon at the bottom of each survey page in the editing workspace are the controls to "Add New Question/Item" and "Insert Question(s) from Scrapbook", respectively. Hover over them for a tooltip reminder.

UIT05 Where are the question or page property commands that were previously found on the Actions tab?

The controls previously found under the Actions tab in a question/item/page properties (such as Duplicate, Copy/move to Scrapbook, Insert page break, Reorder questions/items on a page, Delete, etc) have now been moved to the title toolbar of the question/item/page within the survey navigator. When hovering or clicking on the toolbar title of any of these three items, the Menu icon appears on the right of the toolbar, with an "Actions" tooltip shown if you hover over it. Click on this to access all the available actions for that item.

UIT06 How have the Update/Preview functions changed?

These have now been separated into two functions, so you can easily update or view a preview within the workspace. The buttons for these are now stacked at top-right above the orange survey toolbar. If you make any changes to the survey, then a red text alert (SURVEY FILES NEED UPDATING) will appear at the top left beneath the survey status flag – either click on this text or the Update Pages button to activate. To preview the survey click on the Preview button: you will then have the option to first update the pages, or simply preview without updating.

UIT07 How do I change the status of my survey?

We've made it a lot easier to change the status of your survey (e.g. publish, unpublish, close to responses, etc). A survey status flag now appears in the Edit workspace at top-left. If in edit mode, it will say IN PRODUCTION on an orange background. Click on this and you can easily switch its status. Survey status can also be changed from within the Details tab of the Survey Properties, using the Change Status drop-down menu, as before. To quickly publish a survey you can click on the Publish button at top right above the orange survey toolbar.

UIT08 Has the access to any other tools been changed?

We have made it easier to access some toolsets within the workflow of survey creation:
1. Multimedia uploads: Previously, you had to upload an image, audio file, or video through the Media link in the Account functions and then insert it/them into a question/item in the survey building interface. Now, when creating a question in a survey you can access the file upload tool directly from the question and upload the file. Be careful though, once you've uploaded the object and added it to the question that you then Save the question as well.
2. Granting permissions to colleagues and clients: This was previously performed on two tabs of the Survey Properties, but we have streamlined this and made it more generally accessible. While you can still grant permissions through the Summary tab of the Survey Properties, you can also use the Permissions link in the Available Actions pop-up when selecting a survey from the Dashboard. Alternatively, if you are in the survey editing workspace, click on the Survey Permissions icon in the survey toolbar.

UIT09 How do I access the analysis tools now?

Remember that the Analysis toolset icons will only show if responses to a live survey have been submitted.
The new data analysis icons are: the Statistics icon ; the Analysis of responses icon ; the Download raw data icon ; and the View individual responses icon .

There are now three ways to access these:
1. On the survey dashboard when you log in, click on any survey with responses and the Available Actions pop-up will show a separate menu for all the data actions;
2. Within the survey editing interface, four icons at the centre of the orange Survey Toolbar will give access to the data analysis tools;
3. Links to the data analysis tools are also available from within the Summary tab of the Survey Properties.

UIT10 Where have all the Account Functions gone?

The Account Functions which previously appeared as separate items in the blue bar at the top of the screen, have now been grouped into a series of expandable menus in the same location. Shared Resources include those that are shared by everyone (Media Library, Answer Lists) and those that are personal to you but can also be shared with everyone (Scrapbook). The options that appear in the Manage menu depend upon your log-in status, but this is where top-level log-ins can manage all the surveys and users in the account, and view summaries. My Account, available to all, is where you can update your details and log-out of the system.

New interface tools

NIT01 What tools are available for GDPR compliance?

When you insert a write-in or datepicker question into a survey, the system will show an alert asking if this is Personal Information Data (Name, email address, phone number, etc). If you designate the question as PID then tools will be available for you to manage this data to ensure GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance. The PID data, for instance, will not be shown in the standard Analysis of responses interface, and can only be seen by downloading the raw data. At a later date you can redact all the data in the PID-labelled questions in a survey (an option available when you click on the survey title on the dashboard). There are also account management GDPR tools to search for specific PID data (e.g. a name or email address) in all of the surveys in your account, and to search for questions that may have unlabelled PID data in them.

NIT02 How can I sort and display the surveys on my dashboard?

Surveys listed in any of the tabs on your dashboard can now be sorted by all of the columns shown – from the Survey name to Last response date. These are either in alphabetical or numeric/date order, and can be toggled (order reversed) by clicking on the column header. Once you have them in the order you want them displayed, you can then download the list in the order shown using the DOWNLOAD THIS SURVEY LIST button.

NIT03 What changes can I make to live surveys?

You can now change images within a survey once it is live (though not delete them entirely), alter conditionality and validation on pages and questions, and alter text items or the text of a question. Users can also add new questions to pages and change the styling of questions (e.g. change a single choice question from a horizontal answer list to a dropdown list). When you're done, you must save your changes and update the survey.

NIT04 In a matrix, can I easily swap row labels and answer options?

There is now a new icon tool in the question editor of matrix questions to easily swap the contents of the rows and column headers. Previously you had to cut and paste. The swap icon () is located between the Row Labels box and the Answer Options box.

NIT05 Do I have to upload images through the Media Library in the Shared Resources menu?

There is now a new Manage Images link within the question/item editor for single or multiple choice image questions, and image items. Click on this, and there is an Upload New Image option above the dropdowns to select images. This will pop-up the upload tool, so you don't need to go out of the survey and into the Image Library, as previously.

NIT06 What do all the new icons mean?

We've put together a separate FAQs page listing all the new icons and what they mean. To see this chart, click on the following link: User Interface icons table.

NIT07 Can I set up my own friendly URLs?

This is an often-requested Helpdesk task, so we've decided to automate it. In the Details tab of the Survey Properties click on the GET FRIENDLY URL link. There is an information icon next to this that gives advice. Remember the keyword section you fill in MUST NOT have any spaces in it.

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