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Our library of briefing documents, background materials, and white papers.

PDF  Avoiding Bias in Online Survey Scripts  (0.2 MB)

BRIEFING: Beware of ambiguity when wording the questions in your online survey scripts. Our Insight expert, Gina Lee-Young, offers these handy tips on avoiding bias and misinterpretation.

PDF  Mobile Responses On Upward Trajectory  (0.6 MB)

WHITE PAPER: Responses to online surveys from mobile users has reached a tipping point. We present some stats (with an infographic to summarise them) and offer some tips on mobile-friendly surveys.

PDF  Getting More From Your Data  (0.9 MB)

WHITE PAPER: Detailed advice on digging deeper with analysis tools and beefing up briefings. Find out how to select the right chart for your data, and begin using graphical tools like word clouds and infographics.

PDF  Glossary of Online Research Terms  (0.3 MB)

A-Z GLOSSARY: A quick and handy guide to jargon and technical terms that can often crop up in research industry discussions and documents.

PDF  A Quick Feature-Comparison Chart  (0.2 MB)

TICKBOX CHART: Does your online research provider offer all that we can? Use this handy checklist to measure us against other online research technologies.