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Top tips for Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Measuring the gap between customers' expectations and their experiences can help grow your business. Follow our guidelines for better results!

Measuring customer satisfaction on a regular basis is a core activity for any good business. The metrics provided give you valuable feedback, and trends can be monitored over a period of time. Our aim here is to give you tips on what to include in a good customer satisfaction feedback survey, how to draft it, what it looks like when built, and what the data analysis and reports can show you.

Among the things we'll cover in this guide are standard market research methodologies, such as gap analysis, net promoter scores and "major issue" questions.

We emphasise that when writing the script for the survey, draft it as a Word or Excel document, which will help you spot any basic flaws in structure, conditionality and types of questions. We have scripted our survey in an Excel spreadsheet, taking care to phrase questions clearly and unambiguously, and providing answer lists that have a full range of options.

At the end of this guide, we also give you a link to download drafted survey in Excel format, and another link to the live survey that we built using this blueprint.

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