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Video guides on core build techniques

These videos are best viewed in full-screen mode. Click on a video link below to view it in a pop-up. Click on the full-screen icon at bottom right on the controls menu to maximise the screen when it appears. The video will start automatically, but you can use the controls to pause and restart, or to adjust volume levels.

   1. How to create a new survey

Overview of the survey dashboard showing status tabs (In Production, Live, Closed, etc). How to use the Create New Survey button and open up the builder workspace to edit the survey.

   2. Adding in questions and common question types

Selecting a question type and style, and adding question text and answer options. Visual difference between multiple-choice and single-choice questions, plus demos of matrix and write-in questions.

   3. What's on the Actions menu?

Shows the options for a question/item – such as duplicate question, move/copy it to the Scrapbook, re-order questions on a page, insert page breaks, and delete. Similar demos of Actions for a page.

   4. Using answer lists and scrapbook

How to use answer lists in a new question, and how to create your own lists. Also demos moving questions between surveys by using the Scrapbook, with questions added into a page with the book icon.

   5. Conditional routing and validation

Using conditions tab to make questions/pages visible depending on how a control question is answered. Adding a write-in question for an Other option. Also shows how to make a question compulsory.

   6. Update Pages, Preview and Publish buttons

Importance of updating the survey frequently as you build, then previewing to check conditionality, validation, and ensure there are no blank pages. How to publish the survey to start collecting responses.

   7. Granting permissions for colleagues and clients

How to assign permissions to access a survey for colleague and client log-ins. Available permissions include: Preview, Edit, Analyse responses, Download raw data, and View individual responses.

   8. Changing the survey appearance

How to use the Appearance toolset to customise the survey's look. Shows changes to text fonts, line spacing and colours, using a banner or logo for the page headers, and background images/colours.

   9. The Survey Properties control panel

How to access the survey properties, the URL for the survey, and creating Friendly URLs. Using the Controls tab to change navigation buttons and add progress bar. Post-Submit tab controls also shown.

   10. Final checks before publishing a survey

A quick overview of recommended techniques for checking your survey before publishing: update and preview survey; test conditions; and use Print/PDF to create a printable copy to share with others.