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Research Blog Posts 2018

Visualise our managed services as infographic eye-opener 12 October 2018

Did you know that Demographix offers services far beyond hosting online surveys? We can take on full project management and reporting for you, or turn around a range of projects based on our flexible skills base

Hidden secrets of our new User Interface 12 September 2018

We reveal some of the hidden secrets of our new User Interface. You may not notice them at first but they will all help you speed-up your online survey build and data management.

Your new User Interface is ready to roll! 20 July 2018

Our new User Interface makes survey building and management a whole lot easier. Take a sneak preview of what you can expect – an icon-rich environment that lets you get up-to-speed fast!

Top tips on using images in online surveys 12 April 2018

They say an image speaks a thousand words. But it can also evoke moods, aspirations, and ambitions, as well as colour feelings towards a brand or activity or behaviour. Here's some do's and don'ts when using them.

Demographix charting service gets great feedback 5 March 2018

We have been experiencing increasing demand for our charting services in recent months, keeping our Insight team busy. Our fast turnaround times can prove a real draw.

Fifteen lucky Festive Fun Quiz prize draw winners announced 22 January 2018

The luck was in for these 15 Quiz winners in the prize draw for the 2017 Festive Fun questionnaire. That brings the total number since 2006 to 118 winners – and several have won twice! Quite a cohort!

Gamification Techniques to consider for your next survey 10 January 2018

Surveys that employ game questions can engage respondents in ways that can get far more honest views and opinions out of them without them having felt they've been interrogated.