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Research Blog Posts 2017

How to get to the truth by minimising response error 15 November 2017

You may think you have drafted a fool-proof survey but beware script bias.

Top tips for making your surveys more mobile-friendly 11 September 2017

Some ideas for optimising surveys for today's growing army of mobile respondents.

A simple checklist to ensure your online survey is perfect! 4 September 2017

Before you publish a survey, take a quick look through this handy checklist!

Annual subscribers offered free summer login audit 20 July 2017

Now's the time to check your account logins for leavers and unauthorised multi-users. And we'll help!

Reports from Managed Services hit the spot 20 July 2017

Early users of our new Managed Services have expressed delight with the reports we have produced for them.

An expanding menu of Managed Services offers more insight 7 June 2017

Managed Services can be a welcome stopgap, especially for those who have limited resources.

Management house-keeping checklist for Account Holders 18 April 2017

Some tips on keeping your account assets in order, and standardising research across your surveys.

Designing surveys as conversations 1 March 2017

Before you begin, take a moment to think about who you are targeting and imagine a conversation with them.

Festive Fun Quiz 2016 winners announced 24 January 2017

Ten prize draw winners for the 2016 Festive Fun Quiz brings the total number of winners since 2006 to 105!