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Research Blog 6 January 2020

Tips on Using the new Audio-visual Asset Managers

We have now made available to all Account Holder and Full User logins, our new drag-and-drop asset managers for images, audio and video files. These are the AV assets used in your surveys, and keeping them up-to-date (especially logos and brand images) is an important part of managing an account. These new management technologies are made available to all subscribers at no extra cost. Here's some tips on using them:

Getting started using Audio-visual Asset Managers

  • The interface is designed for ease-of-use. But if you get stuck, we provide easy-to-access Help menus in a pop-up for each interface. Just click the orange "?" icon at top left.
  • Some browsers have a hidden category box resize function. If there are more images in the Category that can be shown, there will be a scrollbar at right and a small triangle of dots below. Use this to give greater depth to the category box. This new depth is "sticky", so will remain even if you use Show all/Hide all.
  • There is a search option (Find Images or Find Audio/Video) that allows you to view only those assets with certain words or character strings in them. Use the red "x" icon to undo a search.
  • Use the new interface to delete older images or A/V. You can audit them from the top by choosing "oldest first" in the dropdown menu of a Category or the Unassigned images.
  • The Recycle bin: If you want to delete old images or A/V, so they can't be reused in future surveys, drag them into the Recycle bin at bottom of the left-hand side of the interface.
  • You can also delete a category full of images in one go. Use the option in the Category dropdown menu at right on the category bar, without needing to drag them into the Recycle bin.

Account holders with large numbers of assets to manage will be able to categorise more easily and, in particular, delete older no-longer-needed assets. Keeping your asset library in tip-top order is a good job to delegate to an enthusiastic user on your team - that's our TOP TIP!