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Research Blog 26 March 2020

Survey management gets a drag and drop makeover

Hot on the heels of the new Image and Audio/Video management tools released in early January, we have now launched a new drag-and-drop tool for managing all the surveys in your account. This makes managing surveys much easier in terms of categorising them, changing their status or deleting them – and many of the tasks can be done in batch lots. We've put together some hints and tips on using the new interface, but bear in mind that it has been designed with ease-of-use in mind. You should be able to get stuck in immediately and start managing the surveys in your account effortlessly.

Where do I start? The new survey management interface is available to all those with an Account holder or Full user log-in. Access is via the Manage menu of the main "blue ribbon" toolbar at top right when logged in.

Image manager

What are the main elements of the interface? Underneath the Manage Surveys title at top left (1) you will find all your uncategorised surveys listed, colour-coded according to their current status. These can be sorted or filtered using the tools (2). At bottom left is a Recycle Bin (3) into which you can drag-and-drop unwanted surveys. At right (4) is a categorisation area where your folders are displayed, or where you can create new folders. Every survey has an "eye" icon (5) allowing easy access to the preview version of the survey.

What if I need help? We've got a great built-in pop-up Help screen accessed by clicking on the orange "?" icon at top left (1 in the screengrab above). It covers all the main points about using the interface and can be viewed alongside the interface as you're working within it.

Can I sort lists and get summaries? There are two summary options at top (2) that give Status and Category summaries for all your surveys, and can be downloaded into Excel. You can also sort folder contents alphabetically, by date created, by number of responses or date of first/last response to help you find surveys quicker, using the "Sorted by" drop-down menu.

Is there an easy way to change a survey's status? When you start looking through the list of surveys, you may notice some instances where you want to change the status, e.g. closing old surveys that should no longer be live. Each survey is labelled and colour coded by status (e.g. orange for In Production) and can be changed easily by clicking on the coloured flag and selecting the new status.

Any tips on categorising surveys? Simply drag and drop a survey from Unassigned into a category folder, and if you want to put it in more than one category, hold down the Control key while dragging. You can create new category folders and add unassigned surveys to these as well as renaming categories, deleting whole categories, or moving surveys between categories. You can also take surveys out of categories by dragging them to the "Unassigned surveys" folder.

How do I see a list of all my category names? To see what categories you already have, use the Hide All link at the top (4). This will close all the folder contents and show you only the category names. To open/close individual category folders, click on the folder icon next to the category name.

Any tips on using the Recycle bin? To delete surveys simply drag them to the Recycle Bin (3) at bottom left. Note that live surveys need to be closed first before you can move them to the Recycle Bin. Once you have moved all the surveys you wish to delete click on the "Permanently Remove Now" button, and after a confirmation alert, they will be deleted. Do double-check with the survey creators if you are unsure about deleting certain surveys, as surveys cannot be reinstated once deleted.

Keeping on top of the surveys in your account is a useful and necessary house-keeping task. We suggest that someone in your organisation (with a Full User or Account Holder log-in) takes ownership of this and schedules in regular "clean ups", perhaps on a 6 monthly or yearly basis depending on the size of your account. This also applies to managing images, audio and video clips and will keep your account looking tip-top.