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Research Blog 25 September 2020

Respondent data collection tools get updates

Demographix has just completed updates on its system for two key data collection tools. One allows up-to-date anonymised capture of each respondent's country, and the other permits survey builders to use a Postcode-to-address look-up tool in their personal data collection within a survey.

Updating our standard list of country names

At the start of this year, the internationally agreed standard names of countries was updated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Of most relevance to our customers is that "United Kingdom" becomes "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" and "United States" becomes "United States of America".

We have now completed updating our code to reflect all the changes. The update affects one of our Hidden Analysis Metadata question types, which stores an answer in a hidden question showing the Respondent Country based on their IP address.

This analysis tool comes into its own where surveys are widely shared on social media and can gather responses from a global audience. You can then easily filter out respondents depending on their geographical location.

Introducing a UK Postcode-to-address add-on

We are now able to add technology to surveys which will retrieve a verified postal address from a UK postcode. The survey respondent simply enters their postcode and then a list of matching addresses is shown for them to choose from. As standard, two address lines, the postal town, and the formatted post code are then populated into four linked write-in questions.

If you're interested in adding this functionality to any of your surveys please put in a Helpdesk ticket – or if you are not an existing customer use our Contact Us website form – and we will get back to you with further details of how it works.

Please note that the postcode-to-address conversion incurs a licensing fee from the Royal Mail and we will charge a small nominal amount for each look-up (billed monthly in arrears). There may also be a set-up fee to cover us editing your survey and linking it to the functionality.