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Research Blog 15 June 2020

Find out what your staff now think about home/office work

Now that some employees of many companies and organisations have started to return to their offices, after working from home during the Covid-19 Lockdown, Human Resources departments may want to survey them about how their attitudes and feelings towards home/office work have changed.

We have put together a template survey with a full range of questions that you may like to ask your employees about their experiences of working from home and their thoughts about returning to the office. You are welcome to pick and choose the questions that are most relevant to your organisation. There will also be questions about your organisation's particular circumstances that you will need to add.


Please note that our template is not meant to be an authoritative questionnaire, and we may have left out areas that are essential to your specific way of operating. It is meant as a guide only.

But there is much that can be learnt about how your staff felt while working from home – everything from how they communicated with colleagues, the facilities they had access to, online meeting tools, and their work/life balance. The return to the office will also raise a wide variety of responses – from anxiety and fear through to relief and a sense of release. Find out what things are on their minds now – whether it's the commute, the office environment, childcare, or social distancing.

You may find out some things that you can easily do to alleviate employee anxieties. That's a win-win situation!

Please feel free to share the survey URL with your friends and associates in the research community, or link to this blog article on your Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media sites.


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