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Research Blog 12 February 2020

Managed Services: our à la carte menu and 2020 special offers

It's that time of year when there's loads to be done and everyone has a full in-tray. We understand that sometimes you will be short of time, have staffing issues, or have a deadline looming. So why not let us take the strain and get things done for you? We have quite an array of service fulfilment skills we offer to hard-pressed research departments to assist you with your "quant" needs. Why not have a quick run through our menu of offerings below and see if some might tempt you?

Cutting-edge survey design and build: Yes, we know our system inside out, and getting us to script or build a survey for you can give you new ideas on what can be done with Demographix. It's true that our interface has been designed to make it easy for new users to get stuck in and build a survey from scratch with little training (though we do offer free training to all our users). But when it comes to streamlining survey structure (and subsequent respondent uptake) then we're the experts. We pride ourselves on building surveys that work well on both full-screen and mobile devices!

Survey health checks and consultancy: Even if you have a survey already scripted, getting us to put it into the system has some great advantages. There are a lot of hidden tips and tricks that long-term users on Team Demographix know about, and we will give keen advice on how to make your online surveys perform better. More than that, we know about how to make a survey look good, and can advise on developing the interactivity in your survey. We're global experts at using things like image hotspots, drag-and-drop card sorts, and star/smiley ratings that give an up-to-date feel.

Create impressive reports with great charts: Our reporting and charting skillsets are second to none. We know how to transform your hard-won data into persuasive insights that beef up your reports and presentations. Choosing the right type of chart, selecting the specific data to put into a chart, and varying the pace and look of slides within a presentation – these are all skills that help give your data visualisations a real boost. We can create stylistically coherent slide sets for you, or use your own templates and branding.

Longitudinal data from well-managed panels: Our easy-to-use panel management suite allows you to get datasets over periods of time from the same cohort of people to measure changing attitudes and preferences. But, as in all things, if you're short of staff who have experience of this, then come to us and get a helping hand. We know how to manage panels well, and can give you great advice and feedback on what you have been doing, and ways you can improve it. Maybe try a six-month management plan to get your panel off to a healthy dependable start?

Widen your horizons with bespoke projects: Your research needs may have very specific requirements in a global connected world – "multilingual" surveys available in several languages; surveys that include audio or video elements; surveys that pass in hidden data for analysis purposes; surveys with specific GDPR and privacy requirements; surveys that look good on mobiles and handhelds. We are specialists in creating solutions that work for you – our custom coding team will talk you through identifying the exact structure of the solutions you need. And we can help you get the right respondents from third party suppliers, or using your own lists or social media/advertising campaigns.

NEW FOR 2020: Some very special offers you can't refuse!

We currently have two very special offers running for our existing customers and newsletter subscribers:

  • 20% discount on any Managed Services work (until 31 December 2020)
  • 6 Managed Services days for the price of 5 (until 31 December 2020)
So what are you waiting for? Get in touch, saying what your requirements are, and we will give you a free, no-obligation quote within 24 hours. If you're not on the mailing list, we can sign you up today. To get an idea of our very reasonable costs, please CLICK HERE