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Research Blog 5 December 2019

Media asset managers to unleash drag-and-drop ease-of-use

For senior administrators on Demographix accounts, we are about to make available a new set of easy-to-use asset managers. It will now be a doddle to manage large numbers of images and A/V files.

Users of Demographix who have built up large libraries of media assets – such as images, audio files and video files – have been asking us to develop management tools to make it easier to categorise assets, and to delete files that are out-of-date or no longer used.

For Account Holder and Full User logins, from mid-December, a new set of tools will be available to make this management a lot easier, using a drag-and-drop interface. "Batch processing has, up till now, involved a few clicks on drop-down menus to categorise individual assets or move them between folders, but this will all be a thing of the past when our new tools are released later this month," said Demographix director Bobby Pickering.

Pickering added: "The imperative to keep library assets well-managed is borne out by the need for every organisation to monitor and keep its brand imagery up-to-date. We have made these tools available during the festive and new year slowdown, when managers may find time to do an audit of their assets."

Image manager

The screengrab above of the new Image Manager environment shows the workspace has an Unassigned Image files folder at left, containing thumbnails of all the uploaded images in an account that have not yet been categorised. Below it at bottom left is the Recycle Bin, into which you can drag-and-drop images that need to be deleted. On the right-hand side is a listing of all the category folders that have been created for the account, with a couple of them open to reveal their contents. You simply drag-and-drop images from left to right to assign them to a category or categories. Full FAQs and user manual will be released to coincide with the launch. The Audio/video Manager is structured exactly the same.

The new tools will be followed early in the new year by a companion Survey Management toolset that also incorporates drag-and-drop ease-of-use. The tools have been tested on all major browsers and form factors (laptops and desktops). These management toolsets will not be available on mobile phones or iPads, due to their limited screen width.