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Research Blog 1 July 2013

Social sharing options offer the power of crowds

Demographix has enabled social sharing for any new survey through a simple “point and click” interface in a survey's properties.

Survey creators can allow respondents to share a survey link (once they have completed it) with friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, as well as sending email invites with personal messages to their mates.

Simply click on the Details tab in the Survey properties menu (as shown below) and tick the relevant service icon boxes that you wish to enable.

Selecting social media options

You can choose as many options as you like, ignoring a service that you don't feel is relevant, for example.

The buttons in the surveys will automatically create a Facebook Like, Tweet or G+ posting, and will populate it with a link to the specific survey.

The email option allows the survey respondent to fill in up to 3 email addresses, and a short message to potential respondents. Our system automatically sends the emails with the message and relevant survey link.

When selecting social media services to include, there is a Preview button that allows you to see the follow-on page of your survey (displayed to a respondent after they have submitted their own answers). An example preview is shown here:

Respondent view of options in survey

Social sharing can be a significant way to increase uptake and response levels by carefully targeting the social circles of those who are on existing mailing lists.