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Research Blog 18 November 2013

Persistent cross headers enhance data reliability

We have implemented a new feature for surveys in Demographix that make it easier for respondents to answer long sets of rows in matrix and slider questions. This will maximise the reliability of data collected in these questions.

We have generally recommended that when creating matrix questions customers limit the number of rows to about 10 or so, to avoid the situation where respondents scroll down a long list and lose sight of the column headings. In those cases, they are forced to remember what the column labels are.

But now, a crossbar with the question text and the column headers will track down the matrix or slider array as the respondent scrolls down. We call them "persistent cross headers".

The new technology is available for all newly created surveys and in all surveys currently in production. It can be applied to published surveys by updating the survey pages.

We have aimed to make the technology work in all four supported browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) and to integrate seamlessly with other matrix technologies (such as piped question text, derived answers, matrix row rotation, etc).

We would be interested to hear from any users implementing the new feature with any feedback they may have.