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Research Blog 27 September 2013

Multiple question crosstabs with added fourth tab report

We have upgraded crosstab reports so that you can now crosstab some or all of the questions in a survey by more than one question across the top as column headers. Because these reports can be quite wide they are automatically produced as an Excel xlsx file rather than an HTML page.

Users should note that the multiple question Crosstab report includes only those respondents who have answered all of the column header questions and so the response count in the report may be smaller than the full sample. When you select more than one question to form the column headers the system checks that there are respondents who answered all of them and you will be alerted if no responses qualify.

There is no limit to the number of questions you can have across the Crosstab report, but the more questions that are chosen, the longer it will take to generate the report. Users are informed of the report's progress as it is being created.

In addition, in response to customer requests, we have added a fourth tab to the Excel version of a Crosstab report, whether using one or more than one question as column headers. This fourth tab displays sample size, nett and gross percentages all together in a single tab.