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Research Blog 24 June 2013

Matrix questions now slimlined for smartphones

Demographix surveys now fully support streamlined matrix questions for mobile and smartphone devices.

Matrix questions with long pieces of text in the y-axis (row titles) or many options on the x-axis (answer options) are simply not suitable for smartphones, though slightly less problematic on tablets. Here's an example of a standard matrix question grid:

Matrix as standard display

We have recognised that the current "mass move to mobile" among technology users means that for many respondents using smartphones, matrix questions can be difficult to navigate.

Our development labs have now implemented technology that will create "slimline" versions of matrix questions, and these will automatically display when a survey is being viewed on a smartphone, as shown below:

Matrix optimised for mobile

Each row of the matrix is displayed in small width screens as an individual question with answer options below. Multiple-choice matrix rows will be shown as tick boxes (as seen here) while single choice matrixes will be shown as either radio buttons or drop-down menus, depending on what the survey builder has specified.

Demographix subscribers building surveys with matrix questions in them simply need to Update and Preview their surveys to see the new technology take effect.

Demographix customers do not have the hassle of creating special versions of their surveys for mobile and tablet devices. Our developers aim for cross-platform, cross-browser support in a single survey.