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Research Blog 15 April 2013

Get a taste of the power of Image Hotspots

For a limited period we are offering a special deal to users who want to sample the power of using Image Hotspots in their surveys. You may have some print marketing material or an advertisement you want to test. Find out what aspects of an image or images that are making the most impression.

For example, using Image Hotspots, survey respondents can now attach pieces of text in a "notes" pop-up connected to a specific area of an image, as shown below.

Image Hotspot in action

For a fixed fee of £1500 (ex VAT) we will build a survey for you deploying up to 5 image hotspot questions, styled and branded to your spec, and email a survey invite to a list of up to 100,000 respondents, including two reminder emails.

We'll also include viral technology for your respondents to share the survey with their mates, and increase your potential response rate at no extra charge.

You'll then have access to unlimited data analysis and reports, so you and your team (we'll include up to 10 logins) can cut the data gathered any way you want to, or download to Excel or SPSS.

If you want to find out more about this special offer, phone us on 020 7112 5111 now!