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Press Releases 2018

Top 10 money-saving reasons why you should choose Demographix 17 September 2018

These are tough times for market and academic researchers, with their budgets under extreme pressure. So maybe it's time to consider the most cost-effective online research tools available - from Demographix!

Demographix unveils dramatic new icon-rich user interface 20 July 2018

Demographix is launching a dramatic new user interface, featuring an icon-rich builder environment, and new management tools for GDPR compliance. The company predicts that user productivity will be greatly improved.

Demographix releases GDPR compliance toolset 25 May 2018

For the past year we have been developing tools that will make it easier to locate personal data that has been gathered in surveys or used in our panel management system. GDPR compliance requires it! Now read on...

Consolidated multi-lingual surveys are on the rise 10 January 2018

Researchers for global brands and academic projects increasingly need to gather attitudinal and market data from respondents in multiple countries in a globalised world. We're the language-consolidation experts...