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Press Releases 2017

Demographix advises customers on GDPR personal data audits 15 September 2017

We have been assessing the impact of GDPR for over a year, and in particular seeking customer feedback on the tools and changes to procedures that they need to put in place to help fulfil its requirements.

Demographix launches low-cost Survey HealthCheck Service 6 June 2017

Demographix has added a new Survey HealthCheck option to its managed services, which gives customers' important surveys a thorough once-over before being published, to ensure they are optimised and error-free.

Demographix to launch new survey management dashboard 12 April 2017

Demographix will be launching a new survey management dashboard for all its users this summer. The new interface follows last year's panel manager redesign, and offers easier management of survey lists and tools.

Demographix celebrates 15 years of service to research industry 9 January 2017

We are celebrating our 15th Anniversary this month. We've been providing research technology to marketing, insight and academic research teams around the world since January 2002. And we never rest on our laurels!