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Press Releases 2014

Demographix adds Weighting option to data analysis toolset 30 October 2014

The Demographix data analysis toolset now includes a weighting tool that allows users to easily weight all the questions in a survey, and then use crosstab and reporting tools on weighted data.

Panel management upgrade programme announced 31 July 2014

The Panelwise panel management system is to get wide-ranging enhancements, including simpler HTML email creation, easier-to-use email configuration, and panel member self-management of personal details.

Survey enhancements keep ahead of the global game 12 June 2014

Some key enhancements due in coming weeks to keep our services ahead of the game: animated page transitions, exterior backgrounds, compound screenout redirects, and parameter passthroughs with URLs.

Derived Variables enable easy deep-data analysis 10 March 2014

Our newly launched Derived Variables are a major boost to the Demographix data analysis toolset. DVs let you easily construct compound categorisations based on how respondents answer core questions.

Appearance and image management upgrades 29 January 2014

New upgrades to our style sheet toolsets are becoming available. Survey designers can now easily add images around surveys, while a rollout of new image management tools will shortly begin.