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Press Release 20 October 2020

Demographix expands video training library for users

LONDON UK: Demographix has expanded its library of video guides for basic skills and techniques in using its research tools to best effect. Last year it released 10 videos on core survey building techniques, and this year has expanded the collection to include email/panel management, statistics, and data analysis tools.

Demographix's Head of Insight, Gina Lee-Young, said: "Following the success of our initial batch of videos, we decided to expand the library as it offers an immediate introduction to using our system without having to wait for training. The videos augment our existing library of FAQs, which answer most questions users have about using our technologies."

Lee-Young has scripted and narrated all the videos in the library, beginning work on the new expansion during the 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown.

Ms Lee-Young

Gina Lee-Young on the new Derived Variables video

Perhaps the most difficult analysis tool to demonstrate to users is Derived Variables (DVs), showing how to create a new analysis question with answers derived from other questions in the survey. This can then be used to create filters or crosstabs, and so on. I wanted to create a simple example that clearly demonstrated the basic principles.

In many circumstances analysts will use DVs to combine basic demographic questions (age bands, gender, location) to pull together conceptual breakdowns of the cohort of responses. For example, you may wish to view the data in defined demographic groups, say a range from "Young Men in North", "Middle aged men in North"... through to... "Middle aged Women in South", and "Older Women in South".

The example I use in the video refers to the length of commute to work. I combine the different answer times into segments of a DV question with names like "short commute", "medium commute", and so on. This derived question can then be used in conjunction with other tools in the Analysis of Responses, and is an extremely powerful piece of technology.

The main proportion of the new videos cover data analysis tools – such as using Filters, creating Crosstabs (Pivot Tables), and an overview of using the Analysis of Responses. But there are also useful videos on the process of data collection – such as making final checks before publishing a survey, granting access permissions to your survey, and options for sending out invites to take part in a survey.

"One of the things we have learnt from our extensive training programme is that no matter what experience users have of our system, they are always delighted and surprised by the things that are hidden beneath the surface," said Lee-Young. "Just about every one of these videos has something that will inform even the most dedicated and long-term user."

Demographix will be monitoring take-up of the new videos, and is keeping an open mind on expanding it in future. Lee-Young said she would like to hear from anyone with suggestions for future coverage of the library.

The library can be accessed by any user when they log in to Demographix through the Documentation & Resources tab on the "Important Information" board at right. Alternatively, the yellow Documentation button is visible at all times at lower left of the log-in screen.

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