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Press Release 30 July 2019

Stars and smileys to brighten up Demographix surveys!

LONDON UK: Demographix has introduced two new question types for all users of its online survey platform: star ratings and smileys. The new technologies are available now at no extra charge.

"The online world and social media are increasingly speaking a global langauge with icons and emojis, and our surveys reflect this trend with easier-to-use rating systems," said marketing director Bobby Pickering.

"Our philosophy has always been about making online surveys as engaging as possible to get the very best data from respondents."

Star rating questions come in two types – single row and matrix – that can be customised by the survey designer. There can be 2 to 10 stars, and they can be coloured by specifying a hex code, choosing from a colour pallette, or grabbing from a photo/logo already uploaded into the system.

Smiley rating questions also come in two types, to denote whether the faces are ascending in happiness, or descending. Initially the smileys are transparent, but when clicked on the smiley will become a solid colour and have an underline to show it has been selected.

toolbar icons

Demographix CEO Derek Cohen, who headed the team that designed and tested the new technology, said that users will find them very easy to analyse once data has been gathered.

"The new questions appear in the data analysis toolset in the same way as single-choice and matrix single-choice questions do, so there's no learning curve on the data analysis side."

He added: "They can be used for filtering, crosstabs and derived variables, in the same way as the standard question types."

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