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Press Release 14 January 2019

Demographix Smooth Transition will let you save money fast

LONDON UK: Demographix has announced a Smooth Transition Guarantee (STG) for new customers moving to its platform. It says the 5-point plan will reassure customers that moving key research programmes to its cost-effective and high-powered solution will be a quick and reliable process.

"The Demographix customer support philosophy is to make technology transition for new customers as painless and smooth as possible," said Transition Team manager, Bobby Pickering. "Highly responsive Demographix staff will help identify any key concerns you have and get you up and running with better surveys and panels as smoothly as possible."

Pickering said the hidden costs of supplier transition are a worry for many anticipating a move. "It can take months to move your processes across when old suppliers drag their heels," he said, "We identified these fears and have now acted on them with our Smooth Transition Guarantee. What people say to us is the first thing they noticed when moving over was how fast we respond, compared to others. We don't sit on emails; we act!"

The STG involves a mix of survey and panel build assistance, consultancy, free online training for new users, and healthchecks of deployed surveys in the first three months.

Pickering said "Fear Inertia" is what keeps people locked in to costly deals, often paying for features they don't use. One customer said: "We took a cold hard look at our current supplier, and realised we were paying for functionality that we had planned to use but simply hadn't got round to, so we had an incentive to move on. We very much liked the look of the pricing structure and technology ease-of-use at Demographix but worried if we'd be able to move without pain. We needed reassurance, and that's what we got."

Keypoints of the Demographix Smooth Transition Guarantee

  • Trial Period support: We'll set up a free three-month trial, with survey and panel building support, consultancy, and free online introductory sessions and helpdesk support for system evaluators.
  • Free Online training: In the first three months of a subscription, we will provide a dedicated online training for all your team to introduce them to key parts of the system and field specific queries.
  • Inclusive Fast-Response Helpdesk: Our UK-based support team is always on tap and quick to respond – either via online Helpdesk, email, or by phone during UK working hours.
  • Free Survey Healthchecks: We'll check and report on any key surveys you are publishing in the first 3 months of subscription, suggesting any enhancements that our system can offer.
  • User support materials: Our high-quality illustrated user guides and the comprehensive up-to-date FAQs should mean your team get up to speed in a flash.

Demographix decided to make the Smooth Transition Guarantee the core of its procedures for new customers, to comfortably see them into a new productive environment quickly, and get a better return for paying less. "Quality support and customer care is what separates us from all our competitors," said Pickering.

About Demographix: Demographix is the leading UK developer of online research tools, specialising in the publishing, broadcast, health, public, academic and hospitality sectors. The company develops technology compatible with a wide range of browsers and form factors, including tablets and smartphones. Demographix is the registered trademark of Demographix Limited. Demographix is a company partner of the Market Research Society. Company registered in England and Wales No. 4358487. Registered with the ICO No. Z1244335.