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Press Release 4 October 2019

Academic researchers around the world opt for Demographix

LONDON UK: For over the last 15 years, academic and research bodies around the world have chosen Demographix as the "go-to" online survey and data capture system of choice.

"For academic and research institutions from Australia and Canada to the UK, Ireland and Spain, we have been the technology partner that has enabled them to conduct reliable data collection cost-effectively and securely," said CEO Derek Cohen. "Our close research partners at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, for instance, have used our online expertise to gather reliable and insightful data on a variety of projects for over 15 years."

The biggest project we have worked on for the LSHTM was EMIS, a large project funded by the EU’s Horizons 2020 fund. It researched the provision of services to HIV positive men across Europe. The survey was run in 34 languages, with respondents able to choose their preferred language on a landing page. Over 144,000 responses were collected. "As well as being able to analyse each language’s survey, a consolidated survey allowed for responses across all languages to be analysed together," said Cohen.

To assist in preparation of the surveys Demographix provided LSHTM with a translators’ interface. "Translators could see the structure of the survey," explained Cohen "using the English version of the questions and answers, and provide their translation in a way that ensured that the question/answer structure was exactly maintained."

A similar study was conducted in Latin America by IGTP, Spain with surveys run in Dutch, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. And an earlier study conducted by LSHTM in the Caribbean ran in English, French, Spanish and Haitian Creole.

Other Academic Projects We Have Worked On

  1. Open University: Integrating Care for Trans Adults is a project by the Faculty of Well-being, Education and Language Studies at OU to learn about the experience of trans adults when seeking medical treatment and access to other services. As well as feedback on the services themselves, the survey is also collecting data on how trans people used these services and how satisfied they were with them. Demographix has been working closely with the OU’s WELS Faculty to ensure an easy path for respondents through a long and complex survey, allowing them to view additional information, if required, about the reasons that individual questions were asked.
  2. British Columbia Cancer Agency: This Canadian study looked at the effect of prostate cancer on the sex lives of men who have sex with men. Men who completed the survey were eligible to be entered into a prize draw and mechanisms were put in place to maintain the anonymity of the survey data collected.
  3. University College London: SELPHI is a project by the Medical Research Council and UCL that aims to discover the effectiveness of giving out free HIV self-test kits on HIV infection rates. Over two years men recruited to this clinical trial were contacted on a three-monthly basis for feedback on their sexual health and activities, experiences of using the HIV self-test if one had been provided, and, for some, the option of requesting another kit. Careful precautions were put in place to ensure the confidentiality of the information collected while allowing participants to receive email invitations to surveys and follow-ups to kits that had been sent out. Delivery details for the kits were collected by Demographix in a separate highly secure environment.
  4. University of Toronto: Positive Plus One is a study of male partners where one is HIV positive and the other isn’t (HIV-serodiscordant relationship). The objective was to link experiences from both sides of the partnership, allowing one person to complete the survey and then trigger an email invitation for their partner to complete the survey. The partners’ responses were linked while maintaining confidentiality. The survey was run in both English and French.
  5. Health Service Executive Ireland: MSM Ireland is a study conducted by the HSE aimed to look at experiences of men in relation to HIV and their awareness and reactions to some HIV-related health promotional campaigns that had been run in Ireland.

"We are always interested in talking to academic researchers about projects and their specific requirements," said Cohen, who also emphasised the uniqueness of the Demographix offering. "Excellent online data collection requires empathy with your research problems, an eye for detail, multi-faceted skillsets, timeliness, and a can-do solutions-based approach."

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