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Press Release 12 April 2017

Demographix to launch new survey management dashboard

LONDON UK: Demographix has announced it will be launching a new streamlined user interface this year. Currently in an early development phase, it will follow last year's highly successful Panel Manager redesign, and will offer easier management of surveys, quicker builds and improved toolsets. The new technology will be made available at no extra cost to all subscribers and users.

"Our philosophy is to continually upgrade and improve our technology to adapt to changing web standards and environments, as well as user behaviour," said Demographix CEO Derek Cohen. "Our surveys are highly responsive, making them usable on a wide range of devices. We have also embarked on a programme of renewal of panel/survey interfaces, so that users can more easily manage their assets and data within their account."

The new survey dashboard will allow users to re-order surveys in multiple ways, download reports on survey inventory, and access tools available for each survey by clicking on the name and seeing available tools in a pop-up. The toolset will be responsive to the survey status - showing, for example, data analysis tools only after a survey has been published and collected data.

In other recent changes, Demographix has also announced improvements to its survey submission technology. Cohen said: "The main objective of this work was to reduce the time taken to submit a survey and get a confirmation response. But we also wanted to make some more efforts to prevent duplicate submissions, which have occasionally cropped up in the past."

About Demographix: Demographix is the leading UK developer of online research tools, specialising in the publishing, broadcast, health, public, academic and hospitality sectors. The company develops technology compatible with a wide range of browsers and form factors, including tablets and smartphones. Demographix is the registered trademark of Demographix Limited. Demographix is a company partner of the Market Research Society. Company registered in England and Wales No. 4358487. Registered with the ICO No. Z1244335.