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Press Release 6 June 2017

Demographix launches low-cost Survey HealthCheck service

LONDON UK: Demographix, the UK's leading developer of online research tools, has added a new offering to its fast-growing list of Managed Services. The new Survey HealthCheck service will give a customer's survey a thorough once-over before it is published, to ensure it is optimised and error-free.

An insight specialist at the company will issue a report with recommendations for improving response rates by streamlining structure and alert customers to any changes needed to ensure the resulting data can be analysed efficiently.

"Our customers have been asking us for a service that gives them peace of mind when they have an important piece of research to carry out," said Demographix Head of Insight, Gina Lee-Young.

"Whether they are new to writing online surveys, and need advice on the pitfalls of scripting in an online environment, or simply want to access the wide-ranging experience of people who have been managing digital research projects since the Internet was in its early days, then this is something for them."

A Survey HealthCheck will look at:

  • The overall structure of the survey
  • Spelling, grammar and formatting
  • Correct question types and wording
  • Conditionality
  • Any other omissions or errors
  • Data analysis optimisation
  • Any other suggested improvements

A Demographix Survey HealthCheck starts at the incredibly low rate of £50 for a 30-item questionnaire. The company is offering a free HealthCheck to its Annual Subscription customers throughout this month – details via Helpdesk.

"We are essentially saying to customers that you can easily overlook simple things, or not be aware of useful tools within the system, that can improve your survey design skillset dramatically," added Demographix director Bobby Pickering.

"You wouldn’t put your life at risk by driving a car without an MOT, so don’t put your reputation at risk when we can cost-effectively ensure your important surveys are road-worthy."

About Demographix: Demographix is the leading UK developer of online research tools, specialising in the publishing, broadcast, health, public, academic and hospitality sectors. The company develops technology compatible with a wide range of browsers and form factors, including tablets and smartphones. Demographix is the registered trademark of Demographix Limited. Demographix is a company partner of the Market Research Society. Company registered in England and Wales No. 4358487. Registered with the ICO No. Z1244335.