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Press Release 1 February 2013

Image Hotspots technology now available online

LONDON UK: Demographix has now added Image Hotspots to its survey design toolset, allowing users to add images with defined hotspot areas to surveys. Respondents can click on areas of an image to indicate their answers.

Image Hotspots give a powerful new way to use interactive images within Demographix surveys. And, unlike other systems which require complex programming, we have created a point-and-click interface for building Image Hotspot Grids (IHGs) with ease.

The Designer interface for creating IHGs is a major new development, created to be the easiest-to-use in the business. Users can define areas of an image, name them, and fully edit them. A colour picker allows you to define the transparent fill within the image areas of an IHG, as well as (separately) the colour of the border. IHGs can be easily duplicated and individually edited for use in multiple questions.

There are four types of Image Hotspot questions available: single selection, multiple selection, ordered (ranked) selection, and Noting – the latter allows respondents to attach notes and comments to specific areas of an image.

Image Hotspot questions will deliver standard results in our Analysis interface and Excel downloads. Single choice, multiple choice and ordered image hotspot questions will show results in the same way as our existing single choice, multiple choice and ranking questions. Noting questions will display the notes assigned to given areas of a grid in the same way as an existing matrix write-in question.

“Our technology has been designed to interface seamlessly with our existing analysis and reporting technology,” said Demographix CEO, Derek Cohen. “However, we have done a lot of development work on the user interface for editing hotspot grids, and ensuring compatibility with the fast growing use of tablet and smartphone form factors that many respondents are now using.”

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