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Press Release 12 November 2013

Demographix develops Derived Variables technology

LONDON UK: The Demographix Development Labs have entered the later stages of developing new data analysis tools to allow users to easily specify Derived Variables. The new tools are expected to go into final testing in early Q1 2014 and be released by the end of the first quarter.

Commonly used by researchers to data-mine the results of their surveys, derived variables allow you to do such things as create new groupings of respondents by knitting together several key demographic questions. For instance, if you have the following four core demographic questions in your survey:

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Age group
  • Types of Newspapers read

…you can derive a set of variables (or groupings) for more precise analysis, such as:

  1. Older Male Readers in Southern England who read only tabloid newspapers
  2. Younger Females in Scotland and Wales who never read newspapers
  3. Younger Females and Males in the Midlands who read both tabloids and broadsheets

Once a derived variable has been defined in a Survey Analysis, Demographix researchers will be able to use it to filter the full data set and/or crosstab the full results to compare derived groupings. DVs can be saved and made available for future analysis.

Derived Variables have been available to our users previously via Helpdesk requests for custom coding, but the development of self-build point-and-click tools has been high on our priority list.

“Our key development principle is to make the Derived Variable interface as easy-to-use as possible, and to seamlessly integrate this with existing tools,” said CEO Derek Cohen. “Customers won’t need to learn complex programming or abstract logic rules to get greater value from their data sets”.

Existing and prospective customers who would like to take part in testing the new toolset should contact Bobby Pickering, who is co-ordinating the testing programme, before the end of November.

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